Message from Pastor

Every great call of God is accompanied by a certain level of expectation and obedience to his will. Along with the distinction of a calling comes the responsibility and requirements of the one who called you.

I am delighted that you have chosen to pursue of your calling to fulfill the Great Commission of discipleship.

Here at Evangel Bible College, we strive to prepare those who have chosen to walk in their God-led path and who hold to the truth of God’s word.

The call of God on your life is uniquely and distinctly designed for you. Your call should not imitate, duplicate or replicate someone else, and you should not attempt to alter or change what God has called you to do.

Our curriculum is designed to bring out and enhance the spiritual gifts that God has placed in you to build his kingdom within the five-fold ministry.

Our programs are undergirded by a spirit of excellence. We not only train our students to grow in their spiritual gifts, but also through experiential learning, teach them the practical applications for planning, planting and growing the local church and missions.

Our graduates are well equipped to develop Christian disciples with worldwide reach that will benefit the kingdom of God.

I  look forward to working with you and meeting you in the online course room.

In His Service,
Pastor Otis Lockett, Jr.
President, Evangel Bible College

Senior Pastor, Evangel Fellowship Church Superintendent, Church of God in Christ