Course Offerings

Course Offerings by Quarter

Program Boot Camp Orientation

BTC 100      Introduction to Online Learning Environment
BTC 101       Effective Time Management Skills
BTC 102       Preparation Skills

Quarter One

General Core Courses

PRY 200      Prayer
BIB 205       Old Testament Survey
LIV 301       The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Quarter Two

General Core Courses

BIB 202      Biblical Beliefs and Doctrines
NTT 435     New Testament Survey
LIV 302      Understanding Your Divine Calling

Program Concentrations

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Quarter Three

BIB 410    Hermeneutics
BIB 430    The Pentateuch: Genesis through Deuteronomy
BIB 450    The Gospels

Quarter Four

Select 3 elective courses from all Q4 offerings.

Training in Prayer

Quarter Three

PRY 250      Knowing God
PRY 300      Effective Kinds of Prayer
PRY 400      Hearing the Voice of God

Quarter Four

LIV 520    What is Intercession
LIV 530    Praying in the Spirit
LIV 550    Prayer and Spiritual Maturity

Training in Discipleship

Quarter Three                                                                       

DIS 500      Understanding Spiritual Gifts
DIS 530       Understanding Jesus and His Mission
DIS 550       Inventory of “Choose the Life”

Quarter Four

DIS 610       Biblical Community
DIS 620       Power of Vision
DIS 630       Submission and Loyalty

Training in the Prophetic

Quarter Three

PRO 600      Understanding the Prophetic
PRO 630      Prophetic Intercession
PRO 650      Spiritual Warfare

Quarter Four

PRO 655   Practical Prophecy and Expressions
PRO 670   Biblical Prophecy and the Power of  Promise
PRO 675   Spiritual Authority and Prophetic Commissioning

Training in Church Ministry and Leadership (starting fall 2023)

Quarter Three
CML 600     Christian Leadership
CML 610     Church Administration
CML 650     Pastoral Counseling

Quarter Four
CML 700    Church Budget Development
CML 710     Taxes and Church Leadership