Course Descriptions

Boot Camp Preparation

No course credit is allotted for Boot camp Preparation

BTC 100 Introduction to the Online Environment

Engage and become familiar with the online learning environment.

BTC 101 Effective Time Management Skills

Gain skills to achieve the most efficient and effective use of your time.

 BTC 102 Preparation Skills

Study, writing and organization skills are covered, including the APA style formatting.

Praying with Power

PRY 200 Prayer

This class explores the foundation of prayer through a comprehensive study of specific prayers of righteous men and women in the Bible, who experienced God responding to their prayers. This class further explores what is unconditionally consistent about or what must be in prayer that biblically guarantees a response from God.

PRY 250 Knowing God

In this course, you will discover who God is and with irrefutable evidence, why Christian workers believe the Bible to be the only inspired and infallible word from God to man, and is the basis for successful living in life, family and Christian work.

PRY 300 Effective Kinds of Prayer

As in sports, there are different kinds of games with different goals, strategies, players and rules that determine the success of the game. Even so with prayer there are different kinds of prayer with different rules designed to achieve the will of God in life, family and church work. This class will identify the different kinds of prayer (i.e., intercession, petition, prayer of faith, binding and loosing, supplication, etc.) and the biblical rules that determine their successful outcomes

PRY 400 Hearing the Voice of God

Any church planter knows that hearing the voice of God is absolutely essential in order to accomplish the will of God. In this class we explore the biblical ways God speaks and the seven biblical signs that God has spoken to you. We further engage in biblical case studies of people who have heard from God.

Biblical Beliefs

BIB 202 Biblical Beliefs and Doctrines

One of the biblical practices involved with successfully planting a church is teaching sound doctrine according to Acts 2:42. In this course, we identify and explain the Apostles teachings that became the basis for maturing believers, and a catalyst for numerical growth (Acts 2:47). 

BIB 205 Old Testament Survey

In this course on the Old Testament, we engage in a comprehensive overview of God’s plan from creation to the birth of the nation of Israel, the kingdoms of Solomon and Judah to the books of Esther. The books from Job and through Malachi are then explored to extend our understanding of the relationship God has with his people.

BIB 410  Hermeneutics       

An examination to the study and interpretation of scriptures with emphasis on the practicality to life application.

BIB 430 The Pentateuch: Genesis through Deuteronomy

An exploration of the climatic themes that exists within the books of the Bible that comprise the Pentateuch, including the creation, deliverance through covenant, and the establishment of the law of God.

BIB 450 The Gospels

An inventory of the thematic messages across the gospels and their application in contemporary culture.

New Testament

NTT 435 New Testament Survey

This course has Christ as the central theme.  Students will engage in the study of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

NTT 500 The Synoptic Gospel

This course is an in-depth study of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. We explore the genealogy, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the divine plan of God.

NTT 530 The Book of Acts

In this class we take a verse-by-verse approach to the study of the Book of Acts. We examine the foundations of the church, planting, growth, and discipleship as key elements in kingdom building.

NTT 550 The Book of Revelation

The prophecy of the Last Days as are explored toward a more complete understanding of the coming of Jesus Christ and the preparation of Christians.

Living in the Spirit

LIV 300 Discovering the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Your success as a Christian, leader, believer, and church planter will be based upon your relationship to the Holy Spirit. The focus of this course is to increase the students’ knowledge of who the Holy Spirit is as a person of the Godhead, and His work in the world, the church, and the believer.

LIV 301 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This course examines the gifts that are manifested through the Holy Spirit. These gifts are wisdom, understanding, knowledge, right judgment, courage, reverence and wonder and awe. These gifts help one listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit luring one to make good choices, live good lives, and be true followers of Christ.

LIV 302 Understanding Your Divine Calling

This course teaches one to understand both who you are in Christ and what you are purposed to do for the Kingdom of God. Starting from the foundation of the Great Commission as outlined in Matthew 28:19-20, how are we to become active participants in this kingdom work? Students will understand the reality that every product/being is designed to accomplish a purpose. They will learn the connection between purpose/calling and relationship with God, and the importance of recognizing, connecting, and properly utilizing one’s calling. They will gain a deeper understanding of how walking in the presence of God helps shape one’s awareness of divine calling.

LIV 520 What is Intercession  

Jesus is our Intercessor and makes intercession for us.  He is our example of an intercessor, and He lives to make intercession for us to God our father.  The Holy Spirit witnesses with us and guides and helps us to make intercession for others. The Holy Spirit used intercessory prayer throughout history, and He uses it in the local church. The goal of this course is to bring the student into the knowledge of intercessory prayer and how the Holy Spirit works through intercessory prayer. Students will gain an understanding of the functioning of intercessory prayer in the life of the born-again believer.

LIV 530 Praying in the Spirit

The focus of this course is to increase the students’ knowledge of who the Holy Spirit is as a person of the Godhead, and His work in the world, the church, and the believer. The gifts manifested through the Holy Spirit are explored (e.g., wisdom, understanding, knowledge, right judgment, courage, reverence and wonder and awe). These gifts help one listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit luring one to make good choices, live good lives, and be true followers of Christ.

LIV 550 Prayer and Spiritual Maturity

The goal of every believer in Christ should be to become like Him (Luke 6:40). This course will provide the students with a biblical plan to mature a believer in ways that determines his or her spirituality.


DIS 500 Understanding Spiritual Gifts    

Spiritual gifts are those abilities and talents that the believer is equipped with through the gift of salvation to work in the kingdom of God bringing Him perfected glory. Just as the gift of salvation is by grace through faith, so are the spiritual gifts. Our God generously gives them to the believer. This course will discuss the array of spiritual gifts and their importance in the kingdom of God.

DIS 530 Understanding Jesus and His Mission

This course examines the person and purpose of Jesus Christ. Depicted in great detail throughout the Scriptures, this course takes an in-depth look into the mission of Jesus Christ both in the days of the Early Church and Present-Day.

DIS 550 Inventory of “Choose the Life”  

In Choose the Life, discipleship expert Bill Hull breaks new ground, challenging what we’ve made of the gospel. He believes that the Great Commission has more to do with spiritual depth than strategies and structures. Jesus is calling us to choose the life of thinking as he thought, living as he lived, loving as he loved, ministering as he ministered, and leading as he led. Anything less is Christ-less Christianity.

DIS 610 Biblical Community

This course presents a thorough discussion on the concept of Biblical Community – a community that consists of Believers that are focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ, seeking to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ. What are the primary characteristics that define Biblical Community and how does this type of community stand apart from other communities?

DIS 620 Power of Vision

This course examines the importance of vision for the life of the Christian Believer. A clear vision enables you to see everything differently. A clear, god-guided vision enables you to see life in light of the Kingdom of God. It brings you world into focus and order to chaos. This course highlights the power of A God-inspired vision.

DIS 630 Submission/Loyalty

This course examines the importance and benefits of both submission and loyalty. How is the life of the Believer impacted by being strategically submitted AND loyal unto God and godly leadership?

The Prophetic

PRO 600 Understanding the Prophetic

In this course, we explore the gifts of the prophetic and the impact of imparting prophetic word to people. Through this course, students will be able to distinguish and articulate the difference between the prophetic and perception. They will be able to comparatively differentiate between prediction and the prophetic, articulate the meaning and differences between inspiration and impartation, and identify and describe the true gifts of the prophetic.

PRO 630 Prophetic Intercession

In this class students will learn the role of the watchman which is the same as a prophetic intercessor. Intercession and intimacy with God is very important because the prophetic must come from the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit on what to pray ( Romans 8:26 ). Students will understand how prophetic intercession works, develop the ability to receive a prayer request from God and pray it back to Him in a divinely anointed manner, and develop a deeper relationship with God so they can work with Him to birth the unfulfilled promise of God.

PRO 650 Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is an area of prayer that many Christians feel inadequately prepared. However, to be prepared requires recognition and a solid understanding of how to engage in a spiritual fight and win. The objectives of this course are fourfold: 1) To identify the enemy of our souls and to discern his approach in an attack. 2) To identify the strategy of our enemy in preying upon our weaknesses. 3) To identify our weapons of warfare and rightfully discern how these weapons are to be used. 4) To gain an understanding of how to do warfare against our enemies effectively.

Christian Ministry and Leadership

CML 600 Christian Leadership                                

In this course we place emphasis on distinguishing biblical styles and strategies behind successful leadership in the local church.

CML 610 Church Administrations                                      

The fundamentals of finances are explored with an emphasis on fundraising and revenue generation. Church officers, auxiliaries, deacons, support staff, elders, small groups are all integral parts of church administration.

CML 650 Pastoral Counseling

This course explores the fundamentals of counseling from a biblical perspective.

Students wishing to pursue a career in Pastoral Counseling should further explore education, clinical training, professional certification and licensure.

CML 700 Church Budget Development

The expenses of running a church are examined. Principles and guidelines on the appropriation of resources are elaborated.

CML 710 Taxes and Church Leadership

Rules and regulations dictated by the IRS applies to religious organizations. The standards for ensuring effective and accurate reporting is critically analyzed and the nuances of proper and accurate accounting explored.

Church Growth

CHG 700 Evangelism

This course explores the dynamics of in-reach and outreach strategies as a catalyst for church growth.

CHG 710 Understanding Cults

The cults that exist in modern society hold beliefs that are contrary to the Word of God. In this course, we will examine what defines a cult; why cults thrive; and how to biblically address cultic beliefs and practices.

CHG 711 Discipleship                                       

In this course we study the biblical meaning and making of disciples, as the only strategy for achieving the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Planning

Church Planning is a continuing module development. Each quarter students fulfill the specific unit culminating in a completed model for church planting, ministerial leadership and growth.

CHP 100 Self Readiness Assessment

Readiness for engaging in the rigorous study of church planning, planting and leadership requires a thorough self-assessment to determine the areas where significant emphasis or in-depth study is needed.

CHP 200 Birth and Growth of the First Century Church

The First Century Church is the scriptural foundation for the spread of Christianity in the world today.

CHP 300  Geographic Information Systems (GIS), developing a Community Development Corporation, and Forming a Nonprofit Organization (501(c)3)

This course includes practical, hands-on experiential learning activities to assist with church planting and growth, developing outreach programs through legal structures such as community development corporations and nonprofit organizations.

CHP 400 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

This course extends from CHP 300 and examines the immediate environment surrounding the location of the church. Six dimensions of the external environment that impacts the church are explored. With an understanding of the environment, we identify the distinct needs, characteristics and behaviors of the residents and explore the commonalities of the residents who will congregate the church. Finally, we clearly articulate a distinctive theological basis of the church that occupies a clear, distinctive and desirable place in the minds of the congregation.

CHP 500 Defining your Market Mix

Understanding the wants and needs of the residents is a key factor in determining the programmatic offerings of the church. This course builds on CHP 400 and explores the mix of controllable tactical tools to achieve the response of church membership, fellowship and attendance.

CHP 600 Launch Plan Implementation

This course extends from CHP 100-500 to implement the church plant plan developed through the modules. Students will engage in the process of physically instituting a church based on the model determined in CHP 100 and 200, in the location determined in CHP 300, aimed at reaching the needs of the residents identified in CHP 400, utilizing the tools developed in CHP 500.

*Evangel Bible College does not ordain ministers or find placement for graduates in ministry positions.