Academic Programs

Which degree is right for you?


Through the series of courses, students develop the acumen that allows them to grow personally in their knowledge and stimulate growth and leadership in various ministries.

EBC offers two types of certificates: Training certificates in three specialized areas, and a certificate in Biblical Studies.  Each can be completed within 3-5 quarters depending on the specific programmatic requirements.


Training certificates are a 9-course (27-credit hours) program, that allows students the flexibility to choose any 3 of the general core classes offered in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, then pursue the desired concentration by completing the required 6 courses. Tuition for any “one” Training Certificate is $600.00.

The three specialized areas are:

Training in Prayer

This concentration can be completed in 3-quarters.

Training in the Prophetic

An in-person (non-virtual) activation is a requirement of this program.

Training in Discipleship

An evangelistic outreach project is a requirement of this program. Students will be required to engage in a community outreach activity (non-virtual) to demonstrate their ability to evangelize and win souls for Christ.

Training in Ministerial Leadership and Church Growth (Fall 2023)

Growing and leading a church requires the vision of a leader that aligns with biblical directives. Leadership includes connecting with a diverse body of believers from various cultures and backgrounds, and guiding them through the Word, to live a life pleasing to the Lord. Courses include Pastoral Counseling, Church Administration and Church Budget Development.


Do you have a growth mindset and desire to expand your personal knowledge? Do you currently pastor a church? Do you want to revitalize your church? Do you want to expand your congregation? The Certificate in Biblical Studies (CBS) is for you.

The CBS is a 12-course (36-credit hours) program that is typically completed within 4-5 quarters. Students pursuing the Certificate in Biblical Studies will complete 9 core courses in Quarter 1, Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 then select 3 elective courses from the courses offered in Quarter 4. The CBS provide individuals with the opportunity to pursue new knowledge and skills through completion of a concentrated and advanced program of study.

Tuition for the CBS is $200 per course.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree (Coming Fall 2024)

If you wish to be prepared for service in God’s kingdom as a pastor, evangelist, minister or missionary, the B.A. degree is for you. Students gain a well-rounded education in biblical studies, allowing them to mature in their knowledge of biblical doctrines, pastoral ministry, community engagement and outreach. Prior bible college training is not a requirement to pursue this degree.

The Associates of Arts Degree (Coming Fall 2024)

Do you have an interest in extending your biblical knowledge? Do you want a deeper understanding of biblical doctrines, the teachings of Jesus Christ and biblical interpretation? The Associates degree is for you. Students pursuing this degree are likely to have prior training as ministers, evangelists, and/or experience in auxiliary leadership roles.